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The importance of good equipment for field research

Good equipment doesn’t guarrantee that you will get good data.  Good equipment ensures you to better identify your object, your animal, even your measurement. I remember when I did DBH measurement years ago.  We needed to have a good protocol, the person who measure will speak out the reading of the DBH meter, and the note taker will have to repeat to speak out the measurement to make sure that the number is the same, to avoid error.  Previously, we used to borrow equipment from elsewhere, either the department or personal belonging.  Some of these were good, but some were already too old. Imagine, that this project used that DBH meter I used years ago.  But luckily, this year we have more equipment from the Idea Wild, although it was a bit tricky to find someone you know in the US who will bring them for you in Indonesia.

IMG_0228 Foto Ideawild

Good hopes are with this equipment because it means we can see birds and butterflies more clearly.  More students can also use this equipment. More students can finish their thesis, including our two students, Zahrah Afifah and Nuruliawati who just finshed their undergraduate study a couple of month ago.  Well, good equipment relieves you… A lot…