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The Hopes of Coffee

From the editor: Hi again.  Nuruliawati talks about her observation on why villagers changing plants in their garden.  The story came from her recent field survey in Lampung, Southern Sumatra. 

Who does not know Lampung Coffee? Ground coffee from Lampung or familiarly called robusta coffee (varieties) is one of the leading commodity export of Indonesian. Coffea robusta or Robusta coffee is coffee that has 1.1% caffeine content (per coffee weight) is higher than Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee). The coffee has unique taste and flavor. Most of the coffee plantations in Lampung spread across the Lampung plains, including Sumbereje and Pemerihan, West Lampung.

bunga kopiThe flower of Robusta coffee

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Pisangku, rewardmu…

cropped-spiderhunter_banana_sep2012.jpgBanana is Indonesia origin but Costa Rican benefit” berikut sepenggal dari presentasi Prof. Emil Salim pada sebuah seminar tentang sustainability dan innovation di Depok, Jawa Barat kemarin. Continue reading Pisangku, rewardmu…

Lampung Fun Project

banana garden

By. Prescillia Putri

I love my life!

I think I was extraordinary lucky when I was a student to have a lot of fantastic experiences in life.  To have freelance jobs during my study that include travelling, field site, kids (*and food!), which fill criterias of the dream job!  What else a girl can ask for?

February last year, I got the chance to help my supervisor (you can see her blog her here: http://wildlifewisdom.wordpress.com/) to do an education work about Bird and Bat ecosystem service in Bengkunat, West Lampung.   Before we do the awareness work, two of my friends have done their research there before, but they needed someone to do the awareness.   As we know, Bird and Bat are known for their role for pollinating plants and to helping reduce the pest.  Continue reading Lampung Fun Project

Bertetangga dengan kebun, hutan dan burungnya dapat menjadi pengendali hama


Economic ornithology… Heh…barang apa pula ini? Ternyata istilah ini sudah ada sejak tahun 1885 di Amerika dalam usaha pengendalian hama pertanian karena interaksinya dengan burung. Kalau di Amerika ini memang dapat menjadi masalah besar karena beberapa burung pengendali hama merupakan burung migran. Jadwal migrasi yang terganggu misalnya, tentu akan berpengaruh pada panen. Namun, dengan berkembangnya teknologi melalui pemakaian pestisida, peran burung menjadi dikesampingkan bahkan turut menyerang jenis burung pemakan biji.

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Ecosystem Service is at your garden

SpiderhunterAt this age of climate change, incentives scheme to sustain the forest such as REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Service (PES) are quite a breakthrough. Everybody is talking about this, from one meeting to another, from one training to another. But does the people really know about it? We got clean air and water.. What else?  Well, look around at your garden. Do you plant and get bananas? Does your plant keep flowering?  Or maybe, sometimes we bought fruits from local market.  The longing for the strong-flavor-tasty durian may not be able to achieve without the help of bats which pollinate the flower.

This blog is dedicated to biodiversity ecosystem service…… the living services….