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Kupu-kupu, sang polinator yang terlewat

Kupu-kupu terbang mencari madu atau nectar yang ada di bunga.  Itu sudah lama dikenal.  Namun bagaimana perannya sebagai pollinator?  Jika kita melihat kupu-kupu Appias libythea yang menyambangi bunga belimbing wuluh, apakah ia sekedar flower visitor atau pollinator?


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Great mormon butterfly on Cat’s whiskers flowers

Great mormon on flower of Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus)

“When you have a garden that is being pollinated by insects, it’s a healthier garden. Where there are butterflies, there are other bugs like bees. A happy garden is full of insects.”

I completely agree. This is a picture of Great mormon foraging on nectar of Cat’s whisker flower in a small agricultural garden just outside Jakarta. The Cat’s whisker is a medicinal plant that used for diuretic problems. In a sunny morning while people busy working on the garden, this butterfly was also busy flying around the bushes of Cat’s whisker. Everybody has their own job. Except pollinated by insects, in Hawaii, Cat’s whisker flower is pollinated by the humming birds.  A short morning walk at the garden was able to increase my knowledge on butterfly-plant interactions.  Just open your eyes!