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What’s happening at the edge?

Edge is always different. Do you notice?Edge of pond is full of semi-aquatic plants.It’s where the frogs stay quietly waiting for any insects flying above.Edge of forest is far from pristine forest. It’s where you can see some touch of human in a form of disturbance. There are usually large forest gaps where the understory plants get most of the sunshine. It’s an edge effect. Even a protected area suffers from edge effect. Nuruliawati, our former students summed up her research into this nice infographic. The picture tells it all….

Infografis Efek Tepi - Nuy


The Hopes of Coffee

From the editor: Hi again.  Nuruliawati talks about her observation on why villagers changing plants in their garden.  The story came from her recent field survey in Lampung, Southern Sumatra. 

Who does not know Lampung Coffee? Ground coffee from Lampung or familiarly called robusta coffee (varieties) is one of the leading commodity export of Indonesian. Coffea robusta or Robusta coffee is coffee that has 1.1% caffeine content (per coffee weight) is higher than Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee). The coffee has unique taste and flavor. Most of the coffee plantations in Lampung spread across the Lampung plains, including Sumbereje and Pemerihan, West Lampung.

bunga kopiThe flower of Robusta coffee

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