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Drop your books for Pemerihan kids!

Do you have a lot of children books that you don’t use anymore?? or do you have books that have big impact in your life and you already finished reading it and maybe those books could inspire others?  or do you just simply want to do good?

We want to invite you to involve to do good things with us!

Kids next door wanted to see our puppet show. Luckly, there was a secret window next to the teacher’ table

We want to help to fill up one school’s library near our field site with children books – either it new books or second-hand books!  Our team members will come back to Desa Pemerihan, Lampung to continue our data collection in January 2015 and we are planning to bring some books  to our field site.  We thought that if we could bring more books, it would be better as kids around our field site can enjoy more books and inspired by more books.

Our mission is simple:

“Do what you can do!”

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Students are the backbone in our research: Meet Zahrah…


Cannot do without them…  Conservation research can be completed when we teach the young generations to do a good research.  Conservation means sustainability and bringing students to the frontline of conservation means sustainability of the Indonesian’s forest and its biodiversity….  Let’s meet Zahrah and get to know her! Continue reading Students are the backbone in our research: Meet Zahrah…

Students are the backbone in our research: Here’s Noey

We are so excited preparing for our trip to Lampung next week (yaay!!!), we will do training in Way Canguk, set up line transect and collecting preliminary data on our research on Bat and Bird Ecosystem Service”.  Two of our students from Biology Departement, University of Indonesia, Nurul (a.k.a Noey)and Zahra will help us collecting data also will conduct their own dissertation project.

Let the student introduce them self.  Here is Noey!


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Lampung Fun Project

banana garden

By. Prescillia Putri

I love my life!

I think I was extraordinary lucky when I was a student to have a lot of fantastic experiences in life.  To have freelance jobs during my study that include travelling, field site, kids (*and food!), which fill criterias of the dream job!  What else a girl can ask for?

February last year, I got the chance to help my supervisor (you can see her blog her here: to do an education work about Bird and Bat ecosystem service in Bengkunat, West Lampung.   Before we do the awareness work, two of my friends have done their research there before, but they needed someone to do the awareness.   As we know, Bird and Bat are known for their role for pollinating plants and to helping reduce the pest.  Continue reading Lampung Fun Project