How important is your carbon debt to ecosystem services?

How important is your carbon debt to ecosystem services? What transportation do you use everyday to go the office or school?  By car, motorbike, mass transportation, or bicycle.  How many gadget that we use everyday? Smartphone is common.  A laptop is a must for daily work.  Then there is tablet, portable charger, bluetooth, etc, etc….  The combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the one of the source of CO2 emissions.  Indonesia use coal as the main source for electricity as the production cost is cheaper than other sources. The least we use gadget, the least emission we share to the environment.  The more we use mass transportation or no-fuel transportation, the better our environment.


Biodiversity gets all the impact.  The higher temperature, the changing wet and dry season, the extreme weather, you name it….  Not all species adapt to these changes.  And when animals cannot adapt, the plants associated are also got the effect.

Bees, butterflies, birds need oxygen to breathe.  And plants convert carbondioxide into sugar for their own food and oxygen is released as the byproduct.  It is a natural cycle, a natural way to balance the system.  But when there are additional carbon from other than this cycle, there are surplus of carbon.  We all contributed to this surplus. Household’s electricity still contributes the largest of Indonesia’s electricity.

A microsite launched by RCCC, is not just counting your carbon debt but also offers challenger to pay your debt.  Okay, we, in Indonesia are always got stuck when we want to use most of the available carbon calculator on the web.  They are too ‘household’ base.  Family house is common in Indonesia where parents are still sharing their house with their children even their children’s family.  When you live in your parents, sometimes you don’t know how much Kwh spent for electricity, or how many times your mum buy local food from the the market.  Many of the carbon calculator also use terms that we don’t recognize.  This one is for young people, employee, students, anyone. The challenges are simple tasks that we can start.  Bring your own drinking bottle, bring lunch to the office/school, walk or bike to school/office.











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