Random updates from our young scientists

Field research is tough.  You got to walk through uncanny forest path, climb the cliff, walk through the grasses that as tall as you, deals with insect bites or sometimes bat bites.  But field research is also fun.  Field biologists stay young…

Here are some updates from Jaka Ramadhan, Nuruliawati Yuwono, and Janjiyanto (our field assistant) at facebook.

On 21st August, Jaka wrote: all day session of data entering Rain can messed up our plans of data collection but rain can also a blessed because you have a full day of rest that you can use for entering your data.  Yes, when you work in tropical rainforest, you just cannot rely on your schedule.  You need to be flexible because rain can be all day long.


On 24th August, Nuruliawati wrote: Dinner menu for tonight! Fresh river shrimp! Caught by tough field assistant, Janjiyanto and Ran.  If anybody can survive and happy in the forest, that is Ran as long as he has his machete!.  Fresh river shrimp is fine dining in this area. What else can you ask….


On 27th August, Jaka wrote: the two young scientists are measuring the Microchiroptera that they caught in the mistnet.  Nurul and Zahrah have been practiced and practiced setting up the mistnet before they went to the field, but the bats just won’t drop by, not even once.  But they surely caught bats now.


On 29th August, Janjiyanto wrote: how tough is our Indonesian young scientist.  They are walking along the grasses that grow as tall as them.  The leaves of these grasses are also sharp, so you need to wear long sleeves shirt to protect your arm.


On 30th August, Nuruliawati wrote: With the moon at the top of the hill.  If the moon are with us, would you accompany too?.  Oh yes, the young and the restless, the young hubbub…


On 4th September, Jaka wrote: these young Indonesian scientists found a glimpse of happiness in the middle of the dry Pemerihan village (liana swing and baking).  Happiness can be as simple as finding a liana swing in the middle of nowhere or as simple as baking a cake….


On 7th September, Jaka wrote:  Bored in the field? It’s not an obstacle for these two young Indonesian researchers to be creative with palm leaves to be used as a broom

Bikin sapu

On 7th September, Jaka also wrote: These two young Indonesian researchers looked exhausted handling catches on this full moon which managed to use the entire stock of calico bags. Although stamina decreases, but the spirit continues to rise ready for a new adventure tomorrow


I remember many years ago during my first field job. Our field station was so far away that we needed to cross so many rivers.  When the time we reached our field station, I decided not to go to town often just because I didn’t want to walk.  But my boss said to me,

“an adventurer never gets fun when its happening”

The aftermath was always fun.  I baked bread and pizza in the field several times at different places.  I found my reward of seeing rare animals..  These girls too….  I wish they also stay young…. 😀






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