Students are the backbone in our research: Meet Zahrah…


Cannot do without them…  Conservation research can be completed when we teach the young generations to do a good research.  Conservation means sustainability and bringing students to the frontline of conservation means sustainability of the Indonesian’s forest and its biodiversity….  Let’s meet Zahrah and get to know her!

Hi, my name is Zahrah Afifah. I was born on Jakarta on March 28 1993. I was born from a humble family. I started my college on 2011 and currently pursuing undergraduate study at Biology Department, University of Indonesia.  I have special interest in ecology because I think ecology is the basic of conservation of the nature. I wish that I could have a real role in the conservation world and can apply my knowledge as a biologist in the future.

I have been involved with some research such “The effectivity of Jakarta open space as the the biodiversity spot” and “Study of macrozoobenthos community in Gilimanuk seagrasses” and often following the recruitment for new student in Biology as a mentor of birdwatching and marine introduction. I also like photography and painting. I think by channeling my ideas through photography and painting I can make up my mind and get a lot more way to get the new ideas. I think art and science are two things that very related and important in my life. I hope in the future after completing my studies in the field of biology I can be a biologist who can be beneficial to the nation and can also be a teacher who constantly apply my knowledge in a good way and especially in terms of nature conservation.



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