Students are the backbone in our research: Here’s Noey

We are so excited preparing for our trip to Lampung next week (yaay!!!), we will do training in Way Canguk, set up line transect and collecting preliminary data on our research on Bat and Bird Ecosystem Service”.  Two of our students from Biology Departement, University of Indonesia, Nurul (a.k.a Noey)and Zahra will help us collecting data also will conduct their own dissertation project.

Let the student introduce them self.  Here is Noey!


My name is Nuruliawati, an undergraduate student of Biology Department, Universitas Indonesia. Since joined in Wildlife Study Group Comata UI, I love to learn more about biodiversity and conservation. I have my own object interests: birds and mammals.

My passion brought me into a lot of field experiences such as being observer in biodiversity monitoring (bird, bat, deer, amphibi, and reptil) at UI’s forest; bird diversity monitoring at Jakarta’s Green Corridor through Jakarta Bird Walk with Jakarta Birdwatcher Society (2013—2014) and World Migratory Bird Day event (2013); biodiversity assessment at Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary and at another place like Gede Pangrango National Park and Halimun Salak National park. Beside that, I’ve been working as a mentor for field trip study in some events; being laboratory and field assistant for animal diversity and ecology in the uni.

I was involved in study on The Effectivity of Jakarta’s Green Corridor As Habitat For Bird Community and The Population Survey of Timor Deer (Rusa timorensis) at Brumbun savannah, Bali Barat National Park. Now, my on going researchs are about the comparison of bats fore arm length at agricultural field and forest as an adaptation mechanism; and about the edge effect response of bird community at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Lampung.


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