Lampung Fun Project

banana garden

By. Prescillia Putri

I love my life!

I think I was extraordinary lucky when I was a student to have a lot of fantastic experiences in life.  To have freelance jobs during my study that include travelling, field site, kids (*and food!), which fill criterias of the dream job!  What else a girl can ask for?

February last year, I got the chance to help my supervisor (you can see her blog her here: to do an education work about Bird and Bat ecosystem service in Bengkunat, West Lampung.   Before we do the awareness work, two of my friends have done their research there before, but they needed someone to do the awareness.   As we know, Bird and Bat are known for their role for pollinating plants and to helping reduce the pest.  It is ashamed if people don’t aware of their important role, especially people who live near their habitat, as those people who also play an important role on their conservation.   And another especially, is for young children! they are the the future of these incredible species’s conservation!  So, awareness work is so important to support the conservation research.  Am really happy and honor to be involved in this project awareness work.

We planned a puppet show in the class and followed with the colouring for student age 8-10 and a discussion with the farmers.  In this post, i want to focus on the student activity only.  We visit the nearest school and carry out our show in front of 40 students.  As the puppet show stories have to be carry a conservation message, we make our own story. I will post the puppet show story later on, promise….


puppet showthe pupet show – let me introduce you to Granny and Ijan

First impression that I get from the student is “curious”, a lot of curiousity.  They seemed never seeing a puppet doll and all the accessories before.  Even before we start the show, they already throwed tons of curious question.

They asked:

“who is that?” or

“is it the granny?”

“ahh thats looked like my banana garden” or

”is that Pijantung pisang (Arachnothera longirostra) flying near the banana?”

They seemed interested, with both of puppet doll and story we brought.  They were sitting nicely on their seat, but they asked us and talked about what they see to their friends.  When we started the show, they suddently become quite and listen to the show.  A fter the show finished, they get really excited as we pull out the coloring sheet with Bird and Bat sketch drawn by our artist friend, Anargha Setiadi.

colouringchildren colouring

While we in the middle of the coloring activity, some students share their experience when and where they had encounter with both Bird and Bat.  Unfortunately, one student also mention that sometimes he did hunt the pijantung pisang bird.  Our puppet show help him understand that we should protect the bird and avoiding hunting on them as they play an important role for human as they help human have bananas, durians and coffee.  Both the Bird and Bat give advantages to to our garden!


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